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Meet The Private Eyes

Petey is smart, curious, friendly, and very accepting of others. He is passionate about solving mysteries because he genuinely wants to help people. His philosophy is, “With hard work and teamwork you can do anything.” Petey is the leader of the Private Eyes. He is always on the lookout for a case to solve and enjoys playing with his friends and detective gadgets. He is always annoyed that his Mom makes him take his little sister Whynona along. Whynona is secretly the brains of the bunch with their dog Watson. While Petey, Maggie, Ozzie, and Noodles make solving cases comical, the real comedy is that Whynona and Watson simply use logic and since Whynona and Watson can only communicate with each other, they just watch in amazement as Petey and the Gang exhaust all their resources to come to the same conclusions. In the end, no matter the obstacles that they face the Private Eyes always solve the case!

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